Defending the Cobra

Colby Lewis was very good in April. He started five times and never surrendered more than 2 earned runs in any game. By the end of the month his ERA was a sparkling 1.93.
He has been less than very good in May. So far he has made three starts and in two of those starts he surrendered 6 earned runs. Last night only 2 of his runs were earned, but 5 others scored due to Lewis’ own throwing errors.*
(*The funny thing is that his ERA actually went down due to the runs being unearned. I’ve never liked that a pitcher can benefit from his own mistakes, but I guess the idea is that once the pitch is thrown the pitcher becomes a fielder like the other eight guys on the field.)
I wrote last week that Rangers fans shouldn’t let a handful of games change their opinion of Josh Hamilton. You either want to re-sign him or you don’t and a 4-HR performance shouldn’t make that much of a difference.
The same can be said for Lewis.
If you genuinely don’t like or don’t trust him, that’s one thing, but it’s entirely another to live and die with every start and constantly be asking what he’s done for you lately.
I’ve noticed a lot more Ranger fans getting up in arms over one bad series or one bad game or even one bad inning, but it isn’t fair to your team or yourselves to freak out every time something doesn’t go exactly according to plan.
Texas lost a game last night and they’ll probably lose a few more before the season’s over. Take solace in the fact that they’re still the best team in baseball and that nothing about this 2-game series proves otherwise.
As for Lewis, I’d still take him over Derek Holland anytime I absolutely had to win a game. He doesn’t have Holland’s ceiling, but he’s got a longer resume at this exact moment.
Press on, Rangers fans.

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