Something About the Needs of the Many

There’s an article on the LA Times website about a man with a bag on his head. If you scroll past the stuff about Bagman, you’ll find a few notes about the Angels’ current rotation situation.
To sum it up, Anaheim is moving Jerome Williams (3.08 ERA in 6 starts) to the bullpen because Joe Blanton (an abysmal 5.53 ERA in 12 starts) is somehow entitled to a rotation spot. Mike Scioscia justifies the move by saying that Blanton in the rotation is part of “the original look.”
Even though it wasn’t the intent of the author, the article does a fine job of illustrating the difference between a winning team and a losing team.
Winning teams play winning players. They don’t worry about who makes the most money or who’s been there the longest or what the original look was. If you want to win, you put your best 9 on the field.
Last year the Rangers didn’t put their best 9 on the field. They gave a DH with a .682 OPS 651 plate appearances and it may have cost them a division title.
Hopefully we’ve all learned a valuable lesson, even if we had to learn it the hard way.
Play your winning players, original look be damned.
Press on, Rangers fans.

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One Response to Something About the Needs of the Many

  1. A great point, friend. This year’s Angels look a lot like last September’s Rangers…

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