Football Season

This is not an article about the 16-game NFL season. It’s about another short season that kicked off last Thursday night.
The Rangers flew out of Oakland tied for 1st place. At that point the first 139 games had ceased to matter and this had become a 23-game season.
Cowboy fans take a lot of flak for overreacting to every baseball loss, but it makes sense to get a little bit more worked up this time of year.
Games in September aren’t any more important than games in April in the context of a 162-game season, but by this point the April games have all been won or lost. Everything that happened before last Thursday is now irrelevant.
Every game in the last 23 could mean the difference between a division title and a wild card play-in game.
So far Texas is 1-3 and Oakland is 3-1 (up 2 with 19 to play).
Press on, Rangers fans.

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One Response to Football Season

  1. This is a scary, but exciting time. I hang on every game with a mix of joy, fear, and frustration. The wins are so good, but the losses so difficult.

    it’s a good time to be a Ranger’s fan.

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