Should the Rangers Bring Jamilton Back to Texas?


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Drink in the Moment

Winter is over. Opening Day is finally here. It’s been a long time since baseball went away and now it’s back, and the chance to see our guys in a game that counts for something has me pretty excited. Continue reading

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Jamiltoning II

It’s been almost a year since I drove to Houston to take in a baseball game. It was Opening Night 2013 and the Rangers were playing the Astros. I was there, somehow feeling totally alone and disconnected among tens-of-thousands of people.

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Most [Vaguely Defined] Player

Miguel Cabrera has been the American League’s Most Valuable Player each of the last 2 years. While Mike Trout may have been more valuable, Cabrera is Most Valuable because he won the award. Continue reading
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How the Other Half Lives (archives)

This ol’ diddy was posted to SDI a while back. Decided to archive it here.
Every once in a while – usually after the Angels lose a game to the Rangers – I like to check in on Halos Heaven, Anaheim’s SB Nation affiliate. Continue reading
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Moore Drama

Yesterday Jackie Moore poured a can of gasoline all over Twitter and set the thing on fire. Rather than overreact on the spot, I sat back and collected my thoughts. Continue reading
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The One Deadly Sin

Despite a lot of manufactured outrage from fans and media, Nelson Cruz was allowed to play in Monday’s winner-take-all game against the Rays. Perhaps a bit rusty, he went 0-for-4 and managed to be the game’s final out. Continue reading
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As I write this the last embers of the Rangers’ 2013 season have been snuffed out. It went all the way to game 163, but they couldn’t keep it rolling.
The whole thing started 6 months ago in Houston. Continue reading
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Football Season

This is not an article about the 16-game NFL season. It’s about another short season that kicked off last Thursday night. Continue reading
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Troll O’Clock

Decided to share an amusing Twitter exchange I found myself in a couple of nights ago. Continue reading
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